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Feldman Real Estate, Inc. was founded in 1966 with a singular focus on apartment property management. Since day one, we’ve adhered to a simple philosophy of focusing on the things that are most important to our clients: Keeping maintenance costs down, keeping vacancy rates low and keeping collections high. In the preceding years, our property managers and professional maintenance personnel have done just that, creating unique time and money saving technologies along the way. Solutions that have helped our clients maximize their earning potential. And now, we’d like to see if we could put those solutions to work for you.

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While we have done our best to describe how we can positively impact your investment, there’s really no better way to understand the benefits of hiring us than having a face to face meeting.  Feel free to contact me, Gary Feldman at 414-351-2296 extension 112 and, together, we’ll discover exactly what we can do for you.

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